The Soadd system is a lush jungle planet located past the Illum system. It is home to the The Vargras as well as a Republic colony of Colonge. The colony is very small as it just began 50 years ago. Soadd’s jungle is teeming with all types of flora and fauna, although many of its inhabitants are poisons, dangerous and territorial. There are thousands of species yet to be documented.

The colonist are attempting to expand the colony, but they must be sensative of the Vargas tribes as well as areas that are just not inhabital.

The planet has vast jungles, dense swamps and a huge mountain range cutting through half the planet.

Master Amon Furus established a small farmstead in the mountains. He took Jory Cassel there as a padawan to train and to meditate. It has been years since Jory has been to Soadd, the farmstead is in need of repair.


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