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The True Sith’s invasion caught the Republic by surprise. When Sith battlecruisers first appeared in the Tingel Arm, the Republic dispatched a lightly escorted diplomatic team to see what was going on. The Sith Emperor, in an attempt to scare the Republic, allowed the diplomats to transmit images of his forces back to their superiors before destroying them.
When the Republic fleet responded, it became trapped between Sernpidal, Belkadan and Ruuria, which had become puppets of the Empire. The fleet had to scatter in order to avoid annihilation. Meanwhile, the Sith retook their homeworld of Korriban from the Jedi. The Sith went on to seize many worlds in the Outer Rim Territories and the rich resources of the Minos Cluster, destroy the shipyards at Sluis Van, and cut off the Rimma Trade Route. The Republic suffered a major defeat above Hoth, a battle in which both factions suffered major losses, and the Republic lost several valuable prototype ships.

Great war jedi vs sith

Battlegrounds included Ilum, Dathomir, and Manaan, the latter seeing its surface cities destroyed, despite attempts to remain neutral. The Republic was further defeated at Agamar and Utapau, and continuously harassed.

After the Sith seized the Seswenna sector, they turned their assault on the Mid Rim. Believing the Republic was still recovering from its losses, the Empire sent an invasion force to the planet Bothawui, this is covered in my next lesson.

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Recent Events

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