A Lesson in History

With the Sith Empire’s defeat in the Great Hyperspace War, the Republic made a terrible choice on how to deal with their fallen enemy: the Supreme Chancellor ordered for the Republic military to exterminate all remnants of the Sith. But one Sith Lord and a group of survivors escaped the Republic’s slaughter of their kind and made it to the Unknown Regions. There, he re-founded the Empire, himself assuming the title of Sith Emperor, and created a council of other Sith Lords. Using the power of the dark side, the Emperor kept himself alive for over a thousand years after the Great Hyperspace War, rebuilding the Empire’s strength and promising his people revenge on the Republic and Jedi.

Great hyperspace war

The Republic, meanwhile, was challenged in a number of wars over the next few thousand years. After the war with Exar Kun, the growing Sith Empire goaded the Mandalorians to attack the Republic. A group of Jedi, led by Revan, soon joined the Republic forces in their war against the Mandalorians. During the war, Revan traveled to the ancient Sith academy on Malachor V, where the final battle of the Mandalorian Wars would later take place. During his time there, Revan learned of the True Sith’s existence in the Unknown Regions. He then used a Rakatan artifact to start a war with the Republic to prepare for the Sith Empire’s invasion, resulting in the Jedi Civil War. The Republic was also burdened by the upheaval of the Kanz Disorders.

In the year 3,681 BBY, the Sith Emperor saw that the chance for revenge against the Republic and the Jedi had come, and launched an invasion of the Republic.

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A Lesson in History

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