The Vargras

The primitive natives of Soadd


The native inhabitants of the Soadd system. They live in a stone age culture and have tribes ranging from 20 members to as many as 2000 operating under the rule of a “King”. They currently have a tenative peace agreement with the local Republic settlers. So long as the settlers do not continue to encroach upon their “sacred” lands, the Vargas will not attack them. Nonetheless this does not prevent them from often fighting among themselves.

Trade with them is all done by bartering. They create elaborate jewelry and woven tapestries and will trade for any food stuff, medicine, and basic technology.


Standing at about 4’ the Vargas are small creatures, yet very nimble and quick, using their extra set of arms for climbing. They are only at the stone age level of technology and are prone to violence when confronted with advanced technology. While small in size, they are fierce and quick. The have hunter gathering societies as well as farm steads. They have evolved from the native fauna and seem to still be prey, as there are other larger “wild” life on the planet.

The Vargras

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