Anger leads to retribution...


Dex – 4D
Dodge – 5D
Lightsaber – 7D – Dual Wield – 8D+1
Running – 5D

Per – 4D
Search – 4D+1
Sneak – 4D+1

Know – 2D
Willpower – 3D+1 – Resist Darkside – 4D
Agriculture – 2D+1
Scholar – 2D+2 – Jedi Lore – 3D

Str – 3D
Brawling – 4D

Mech – 1D
Pilot: Space Trans – 1D+1
Repulsor Lift – 1D+1

Tech – 3D
Lightsaber Repair – 6D
Space Trans Repair – 3D+1

Control – 5D
Lightsaber Combat
Control Pain
Absorb/Dissipate Energy
Accelerate Healing
Jedi Martial Arts

Sense – 4D+2
Lightsaber Combat
Life Detection
Life Sense
Receptive Telepathy
Jedi Martial Arts
Magnify Senses

Alter – 2D
Force Push


Born on Nar Shadaa

Mother was killed while he was very young

Father beat him and his step-siblings

Only child by his mother

Taken by a Jedi around age 5 – late for a youngling. His self-control, independence, and dedication have proven the risk to have been worth it

Took quickly to the daily meditations and fighting katas of lightsaber techniques and hand to hand styles

Rituals and formalities have forged him into a strong-willed and dedicated student at the Jedi Temple

Dreams of rescuing people that grew up in similar situations to himself – an idealist with a connection that the Masters have been trying to work with

The silver skin is a mutation that occurs in a very small portion of the population of his species – approximately 1 in 1,000,000,000 even carries the recessive genes to pass on his traits

Snagged two full lightsabers during the escape – 1 Sith, 1 Jedi (silver). Jedi Knight Jory Cassel took the Sith one to purify it.

Duragon’s Backstory


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