Bruvah Trevore



Dex 3D+2
Blaster 4D
Dodge 4D+2
Lightsaber 7D
Running 5D

Knowledge 2D+2
alien species
bureaucracy 3D+1
languages 3D+1
planetary systems
scholar SP (Jedi Lore) 4D
willpower SP (Darkside) 4D

Mechanical 3D+2
Star Ship Gunner 4D
Starship Piloting 4D+1
Starfighter Piloting
Sensors 4D
Shields 4D

Perception 3D+1
search 4D+1
sneak 4D+2

Strength 2D+2
brawling (SP: Martial Arts) 4D+2
climbing/jumping 3D+2
swimming 3D+2
Stamnia 3D+2

Technical 2D
lightsaber repair 3D+2
Space Transport
First Aid

Character Points- 10
Force Points- 2
Dark Side Points- 0

Control 5D+2
-Hibernation trance
-Enhance Attribute
-Lightsaber Combat
-Force of Will
-Control Pain
-Accelerate healing*

Sense 5D+2
-Life detection
-Life sense
-Far seeing
-Lightsaber Combat
-Danger Sense
-Sense force*

Alter 3D+2
-force push

Training saber (4D)
Heavy Pistol (5D+2)


I don’t remember a lot about my family. I was born into the Trevore family. I was the third legitimate child of Lord and Lady Trevore. I was tested at birth for medichlorian count and found to have high values. I was shipped off to the Jedi temple once I was of the proper age.
My father is Lord Gustav Trevore and my mother is Lady Yetigha Trevore. I have one older brother and one older sister. My mother was the daughter of a ‘powerful’ baron. In accordance with the Jedi order I do not often see my family.

The Trevore family are Lords in the house Pelgulia, they have investments in large mining and Capital and freighter ship building factories. They are a complete company going from mining to finished product. They sponsor a variety of research into new engine technology.

The Trevore family assets were hit in the hyperspace war; where the famous “Trevore brothers” earned the reputations for military might and interactions. The brothers were famous because they took capital fleets against the sith. One brother was a Jedi Consoler that learned the ways of battle mediation and coordination enhancement he was able to make his oldest brothers fleets destructive. The war lead to a rise in the power of the family that was not force sensitive to allow for much of the real-estate of the planet was under the family company.

There has always been a member of the Trevore family in the Jedi order. The women would ensure to keep at least one Jedi in the family. The Trevore family illegitimate children are given the last name ‘star’ or the mother’s maiden name. While never able to have the full power that the Trevore family has they are able to do most anything else. Many have started powerful companies, members of the guard, etc. There is pride in the ‘Star’ name.

Bruvah Trevore

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