The Dance of Light and Shadow

Baptism by Blood
The Price of Escape

The younglings all begin the day as normal training together in the training room with remote droids and their training lightsabers under the watchful eye of Master Qwang. When suddenly their training is interrupted as Jedi Knights Jory Cassel and Alexis Vima burst into the room, lightsabers drawn. “Master Qwang, you are needed in the main hall, we will take the younglings!” Master Qwang draws his saber and runs off. Jory and Alexis tell you all to run and bring your sabers.

As you head down the halls, Sean Con’ry, using the force to magnify his senses, alerts the group that “IT’S A TRAP!” Shortly thereafter explosions rock the Jedi Temple, followed by blaster fire, lightsabers clashing, and shouting. As you reach the end of the hall, you look to your left and see that a ship has crashed into the great hall and it was carrying Sith Warriors. Sith warriors to rtrailer] Jory and Alexis run to help the other Jedi in the main hall and yell back to you, “Run straight to the landing pad! There is a ship there waiting! Hurry! Do not stop for anything! We will be right behind you!”

Fleeing down the hall away from the main entrance, the younglings reach a T intersection. There is smoke and debris in the air. On the ground are dead Republic troopers, cut in half and blasted. Through the smoke steps a dark warrior clad in armor Sith Warrior and a bounty hunter.

The Sith Warrior says, “Ahh younglings, the future of the Jedi and the Republic, come here little ones, and I will make it as painless as possible”. The bounty hunter grabs the Sith Warrior by the arm and says, “No, you can’t – they are just younglings. Let them go!” The Sith Warrior shakes his arm free and replies, “When the Republic defeated us in the Great Hyperspace war, none of our people were shown mercy or spared. The least I can do is return the favor.” The bounty hunter turns and says, “I will take no part in this. This was not part of my contract.” She turns and flies out of a hole in the ceiling on the flames of her jetpack. The Sith Warrior ignites his lightsaber and walks toward the younglings.

Chris ignites his lightsaber, “We out number him! Come on! Charge!” Ben and Alex ignite their sabers as well and charge together. ElendrinAlso ignites his saber and joins the charge. Chris strikes high and Ben & Alex low, leaving an opening for Elendrin. Siezing the moment, Elendrin strikes and steps through the Sith Warrior. In disbelief the Sith warrior drops to his knees as his upper torso slides back and off his lower body from where Elendrin’s blade had severed him.

Bruvah Trevore,Duragon, Elmath, Mira and Sean Con’ry run the other direction toward the hallway leading to the landing. Arriving at another intersection, they find themselves flanked by Sith Warrior # 2 blocking the hall to the landing pad and Sith Warrior # 3 on the otherside. Duragonsees a Jedi on the ground and checks to see if he is still alive. Sith Warrior # 3sees a chance to strike and rushes in to kill Duragon. Luckily, Chris arrives just in time to block the blow. Ben & Alex charge Sith Warrior # 3. Seeing that the Jedi has no life Force left in him, Duragon reaches for the fallen Jedi’s lightsaber, but before Duragon can grab it, Sith Warrior # 3 uses the Force and pulls the lightsaber to his hand to defend himself from the attack by Chris, Ben & Alex. Duragon joins the fray.

Meanwhile, Sean Con’ry spots a droid access tunnel that runs paralell to the corridor leading out to the landing pad. Bruvah Trevore, Elmath and Elendrin]] follow him into the access tunnel. Mira tries to follow as well, but is grabbed by Sith Warrior # 2 through the Force and is lifted high up and choked to death. Sith Warrior # 3 deflects Chris’s attack and runs a saber through him. Alex & Ben attacked with renewed fury after watching Chris fall lifeless onto the floor. Yet Alex & Ben find themselves blinded by rage and while Duragaon managed to wound the dark warrior and Alex managed to eventually kill Sith Warrior # 3, Ben lost an arm and Alex was wounded. Jory Cassel flies down the hall and attempts to save Mira, but arrived too late as her last breath eascaped her little mouth and the wet crack of her spine is heard amongst the chaos and she falls lifelessly to the floor. Jory turns on Sith Warrior # 2 and tells the younglings to flee to the ship.

Alexis Vima arrives shortly after Jory, limping badly. Ben & Alex try to help her out, while Duragon picks up the lightsabers from the fallen Sith and Jedi. He sprints toward the landing pad. Jory defeats Sith Warrior # 2 when suddenly an explosion rocks the temple…

Outside on the landing pad, Sean, Bruvah, Elmath and Elendrin are confronted by 2 bounty hunters flying above the landing pad. The bounty hunters rain down blaster fire, Elendrin attempting to block the fire with his lightsaber, but a few shots slip through and strike Elmath in the face. Spinning to the ground with two smoking holes where his eyes used to be, Elmath dies as Sean tries to pick him up while screaming “Nooooo!” Bruvah rushes to the ship and opens the landing ramp,“Come on!”, he shouts.

Back in the hallway, an explosion rocks the temple, Duragon narrowly escaping the blast, while Jory and Alexis are thrown onto the pad and Alex and Ben are consumed in the explosion. Through the flame the younglings see a Sith walking through the flames.Sith through flames

The Sith walks up to Alexis as she is slowly struggling to get to her feet. As the Sith touches her head, Alexis colapses to the ground. Jory uses the force to jump onto the landing ramp and Bruvah manages to get the ship into the air. Jory rushes to the cockpit to take over and orders the younglings to take positions. “We’re not out of this yet!”

Fleeing the Temple, the younglings can see the devastation wrought by the Sith. The Jedi temple and much of Coruscant was afire. There is fighting everywhere. Jory accelerates the ship toward the sky and attempts to flee unnoticed. Yet, two Imperial Fighters are detected on the sensors. Sean and Bruvah man the guns while Elendrin mans the shields. Duragon straps in and watches as the sky is lit up with blaster fire. Sacking of coruscant to rtrailer

Blaster fire from the Sith Snub Fighters rock the Jedi vessel as Jory tries to clear Coruscants gravity well and escape to hyperspace. Sean strike a hit, downing one fights. “Hooray, I got him!” “There’s still one more!”, replied Bruvah in the other turret. Elendrin struggled with the shields as the remaining Sith fighter scored hit after hit, but Elendrin manged to prevent the Sith from doing too much damage before Bruvah could damage the fighter, allowing a nearby Jedi Starfighter to destroy the remaining Sith. A panel pooped loose during the fighting and a fire was burning in the ship. Elendrin attempted to put it out, but failed to see the fire extinguisher on the wall, Duragon arrived in time to prevent any further damage to the ship.

Jory makes the jump to hyperspace and turns around to see that only Sean, Elendrin, Duragon and Bruvah remain…“This is all of you that made it to the ship? I am sorry younglings….I am taking you some place safe. To the Soadd System. My master used to take me there as a padawan to train and get away from the chaos of the galaxy. It will be a good place to recover. I need to mediate, I recommend you all do the same. Much has occured today that I must think upon…”


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