The Beginning….

Life prior to the academy is vague and almost dream like. Fleeting memories of a family fade as you progress on your journey to become a Jedi Knight. For as long as you can remember, your days have been filled with nothing by training and studying. Morning rituals consisted of Force studies, leading into the midday political science classes and the study of histories of a thousand worlds and cultures. Following midday meal, physical activities were mandatory, honing your young body into prime condition. In addition to classes, you were required to set aside time for five mandatory meditation sessions a day. You are a youngling at the Jedi Academy on Coruscant, a part of a communal learning group known as a clan. You are all nearly at the time when you will be faced with the Initiate Trials. For those that succeed, you will be selected by a Jedi Knight or Master for one-on-one training as a Padawan.

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Today began like any other day…..Force Studies with Master Quang.

The Dance of Light and Shadow

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